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Welcome to The Olathe Poste

WHAT WE ARE: The Olathe Poste is another eclectic enterprise of  WCP-NM.COM, Inc. & Bill & Kathy Porter. The Olathe Poste is a manufacturer of FINE STAMPS (the philatelic varieties) and related stamp and stamp collecting products and services.

Our services include design, printing, and pinhole perforating of Artistamps, advertising stamps, poster stamps, Cinderella stamps, real postage stamps and Carriage Labels (non-US), varieties of revenue and tax stamps, personal stamps, faux postage stamps, local post stamps, and just about any type of real stamps used for art, business, direct mail, marketing, mail art, personal hobby, or decorative purposes. A variety of other custom printing services are available, such as post cards, Artist Trading Cards (ATC), greeting cards, personalized envelope stiffeners for philatelists and/or mail artists, newsletter production (in both color or black and white) and certain First Class or Standard Mail (bulk mail) mailing services.

What are Artistamps?

Artistamps are one of the most difficult to understand topics ever. Because there are many perspectives that can be applied, when you begin to study the complexities of artistic stamps. The perspectives come from a great number of directions. For example, the perspective of philately (the in-depth, or 'scientific' approach to the study of stamps); or, the perspective of the casual stamp collector enhancing their hobby by adding specific topical forms of art -even artists- to their hobby; or, from the perspective of a mail art purist. You may look at them as we do. From the perspective of stamps as miniature reproductions of fine art by highly talented artists, documenting their works in a unique form; namely, artistamps. Serving to promote and advertise the skills of the artist and the artwork itself. And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

Products & Services

Stamp Collecting Supplies...
Album Pages
We produce a variety of album pages designed especially for collectors of Artistamps, Cinderella stamps, local post stamps, postmarks, certain topical stamp subjects, and many of which can be customized to fit your needs. Shop for album pages here. For customizing services, please CALL.

Postcards for Collecting Stamps & Postmarks
Organizing a collection of stamps and postmarks is double the fun when you have the right tools. Our "cover" postcards are designed to make your collecting easier as you pursue your interests; AND they lend a polished look to your album when you share your collection with others.  Shop for postcards here.

Handbook: Collecting Postmarks
Our handbook, Collecting Postmarks is a great learning tool for collectors of any age! Read more about Collecting Postmarks and to order . . .

Full Service Stamp Production
Whether you're an artist looking for a new way to present your works, or a local post enthusiast who wants the very best in fun, affordable stamps, we can help. You supply the art, we do all the rest. Stamp sheets are printed and perforated - pricing begins at $2.99 per sheet plus a modest set-up fee. To order, please CALL.

Let The Olathe Poste Make Stamps for You!
Custom Pinhole Perforating Services

Collect Our Stamps...
Beautiful art on stamps to be cherished for years to come is one of our core products. Collectible stamps with real perforations (and they're soakable, too) that will please virtually any collector of topical stamps. Never miss out on a new stamp issue, First Day of Issue (FDOI) cover, and other special offers with our Stamps On Approval service.      LEARN MORE . . .

Collect Our Postmarks...
There are over 40 Mailer's Postmark Permit (MPP) cancellations to collect from The Olathe Poste. Even more if you count our Standard Mail indicia markings. FIND OUT HOW...

The International Local Post
The International Local Post logo.Helping kids learn through stamps, postmarks, and playing Post Office on a global scale. Learn more and join in the fun . . .

The Olathe Poste manufactures stamps and stamp collecting supplies for kids of all ages - keep philately phun!

Kids + Coloring = FUN Stamps!
Our really FUN Kids' Stamp program allows you & your kids to create their own art, and we turn them into real, collectible stamps for fun or fund raising!  LEARN MORE...


Products for home users...
  Dry-gummed papers
  Pre-perforated stamp papers
  Artistamp Supplies Online
  Rubber Stamps & Supplies

Collect artworks by Colorado artist Miki Harder featured on stampsCollect Art on Stamps - Artist Miki Harder featured on 5 new Intl. Local Post stamps



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