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For those of you who don't know me all that well, I used to edit and produce a quarterly publication, known as Artistamp Artifacts, that catered to artistamp artists and others interested in the realm of artistamps, local post stamps and other types of Cinderella stamps.   For making our content more interesting, we would also include other articles that related to mail in one form or another (including postmarks, too, of course).

As luck would have it, one of our customers who turned into a very good friend, was a writer -- among other things.  He is a very good writer too, I might add.  His name is Randall Baker, he holds a number of degrees, including a PhD, and many other awards and honors to his credit.  He's written dozens of books and I don't know how many short stories and articles.  Up until a few years ago, he was a professor at Indiana University.  After serving there for about twenty-three years, he went into "retirement," only to take up another position as a professor, this time in Bulgaria.

One of the reasons why Randall and I hit it off so well was because he and I share a certain love, or affliction as it may be... in that we both have been diagnosed as terminal cases of the highly dreaded disease: "compulsive letter writers syndrome."

Luckily again, one of Randall's greatest writings (at least I think it is), was a piece he wrote back in 2004 and which he allowed us to reprint it so that it could be further shared with others that might also be subject to our ways of thinking -- or worse... our affliction with writing real letters in this age of modern missives ala electronics.

So if you've ever written a letter, or fondly remember actually receiving a letter through the world's mail stream, I consider this piece to be a must read! Hopefully, after you've had a good chuckle or two by reading it, you will think so too.

PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader The Dead Letter ~ 2004 Dr. Randall Baker, PhD

TIP: Print this article with our compliments and add it to your MPP album.  It's formatted so that it may be 3-hole punched to fit any 3-ring binder. As you'll probably want to read it again someday.



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