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Collecting MPPs by State
Organization . . .
Over the years, I've tried re-organizing my MPP collection in a variety of ways. But no matter what I try, I keep coming back to a very simple method that allows me to know exactly what I've got and, more importantly, what I may be missing.  That method being to organize my MPP collection albums by States.

Organizing one's collection in this manner then allows you to keep everything in one album -- for a time, at least.  When one album (binder) won't hold all 50 states, then you can sub-divide the collection alphabetically.  For example, the first album containing state names beginning with letters A-M, and a second album containing state names N-Z.  When one of these albums gets too full, just sub-divide again.  Do this as many times as necessary.

Organizing your MPP collection this way also allows you to highlight single states in separate albums by themselves at the same time.  This could be a single album that only holds postmarks from the State of Colorado, for example.  Or whatever state that is dear to you.

To this end, here are some free album pages that you can download and print to get your collection better organized, too. All files are ready to download and print in PDF format (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader). I like to print them on 110 Lb. Index weight card stock, preferably in a buff or other non-white color that will give a good contrast to most (white) covers.

MPP Album Pages by State

Alabama (AL) Nebraska (NE)
Alaska (AK) Nevada (NV)
Arizona (AZ) New Hampshire (NH)
Arkansas (AR) New Jersey (NJ)
California (CA) New Mexico (NM)
Colorado (CO) New York (NY)
Connecticut (CT) North Carolina (NC)
Delaware (DE) North Dakota (ND)
Florida (FL) Ohio (OH)
Georgia (GA) Oklahoma (OK)
Hawaii (HI) Oregon (OR)
Idaho (ID) Pennsylvania (PA)
Illinois (IL) Rhode Island (RI)
Indiana (IN) South Carolina (SC)
Iowa (IA) South Dakota (SD)
Kansas (KS) Tennessee (TN)
Kentucky (KY) Texas (TX)
Louisiana (LA) Utah (UT)
Maine (ME) Vermont (VT)
Maryland (MD) Virginia (VA)
Massachusetts (MA) Washington (WA)
Michigan (MI) Washington, DC (DC)
Minnesota (MN) West Virginia (WV)
Mississippi (MS) Wisconsin (WI)
Missouri (MO) Wyoming (WY)
Montana (MT) American Samoa (AS)
APOs & FPOs (Military Bases)


Happy Collecting!


More tips . . .
Use self-adhesive photo corners for  mounting your covers to album pages. Covers can be removed from the album page and then replaced again at will.

PAGE PROTECTORS - To give your collection the ultimate protection and a very professional appearance. Insert your album pages into page protectors prior to placing them into the album.  I still prefer the older style, side-load type protectors (the ones that come with a black piece of paper inside the clear acetate).   But many folks have adapted to the more modern day top loading protectors. Whichever style you prefer, your collection of covers will be protected much better and they'll be much nicer to look at.

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