Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

Preserve Your Post Office Photographically . . .
Do it your way, just for fun!
Here's a simple project that you can do to add a bit more fun to your collection. And this one doesn't matter whether you only collect stamps or postmarks.  It's just one more way to add a personal touch to your philatelic collection.

Take your camera with you the next time you go to your post office. Take a few photos of it -- inside and out.

Then, by whatever means that you can, build an album page that memorializes your post office for posterity-sake.

Use the photos you've captured to tell a brief story about your post office, in both pictures and words...

Write down tidbits of knowledge that you have gained from your personal experiences and from day-to-day visits that you've made there over the years.
Funny anecdotes work really well. (If for no other reason than to jog your own memory of some of the fun times you've experienced at your post office, years from now.)
Make it as simple or detailed as you want it to be. (Much can be learned from family members or friends who may be scrapbooking afficianados, to really jazz-up your project page.)
Add to it more as time goes on. Especially when special events may occur.

Here's an example of my own album page entry memorializing Olathe...

PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Olathe, Colorado 81425 - filesize: +3megs

The Practical Reason's Why To Make One
As mentioned above, you can make one of these memorializing album pages just for the fun of it.  Or, to help you remember things by. (For some of us, this can be a very important reason alone, as you grow older. )

Others that I know, have created this type of album page for reasons that aren't quite as light-hearted. Fearing that their post office may go away at some future point in time. And let's face it, with the bad economic news that we've all heard about and the continuing financial woes that the USPS has been suffering through, these past several years, well... it's not a far-fetched reason.

But no matter what your reason may be, as you can see, it's a simple project that can be a lot of fun. And something that you can share with others as well, if you like.




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