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Bureau of Reclamation 100th Anniversary Artistamp

Bureau of Reclamation "A Century of Water for the West" - The Olathe Poste
Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau photograph of Morrow Point Dam
(Wayne Aspinall Project - Montrose, Colorado) Spilling

Stamps designed by W. C. "Bill" Porter
Produced by: The Olathe Poste

Bureau of Reclamation's 100th Anniversary Stamp - This stamp started out to be just a personal gift to a couple of co-workers and friends.

Once I learned that the only real postage stamps issued to commemorate the BOR's 100th Anniversary by the U.S. Postal Service were only being made available to a handful of people who (1) had access to the Bureaus' Intranet site or, (2) who would be in attendance at the official ceremony in Bullhead City, Arizona. The mail art "anarchist" in me took over. Plus, once the word got out to BOR personnel in the Montrose, Colorado area, the number of stamp sheets required grew. Not only that, but what also started out to be "just a few" cover envelopes escalated to over 250 First Day Covers printed and issued.

Most FDC's were stamped with real postage stamps and hand cancelled by the United States Post Office at Olathe, Colorado.

BOR personnel liked these commemorative artistamps so well that 5 stamp sheets and FDC combinations were matted, framed and now adorn BOR offices from Salt Lake City, Utah to Washington, DC.



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