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Artistamp Commemorates Electric Utility Deregulation

Artistamp commemorating the effectiveness of deregulating the electric industry - Photograph 2002 W. C. "Bill" Porter - The Olathe Poste

I devoted over 13 years of my life in the electric utility industry. Starting out as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition) Analyst and senior programmer. The last 7 years of this career field was spent working in the aftermath of deregulation, mandated by the Federal Government.

This 7 year period, although lucrative personally, working for both corporately held utilities and, the United States Department of Energy, it was a frustrating time. Watching first hand the demise and dismantling of a perfectly good electrical system. By companies genuinely concerned with the well-being of their customers pocketbooks. Where the phrase 'system integrity' meant a lot more in practice than it ever was intended to in theory. Unfortunately, some bunch of lame-brain politicians decided that they knew better in how the industry should operate, despite decades of experience. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of the best personnel that America had to offer, who spent their entire lives devoted to providing customers with reliable electric service at very low costs.

But as such, we watched California go into repeated blackouts. The headlines of newspapers everywhere wreaked of un-thinkable electric prices, both at the wholesale and consumer levels. And of course, we had other financial fiascoes like Enron...

During this melee of politically motivated insanity, and as a marketer active in the buying/selling of wholesale electricity, I had to make a personal statement about it. The model holds an electrified light bulb (less any electrical cord) and a bag of money.. The caption emblazend on each stamp sarcastically states: "Deregulation Works - Just ask Marketing!"


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