Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

Artistamp Info: State Greetings Artistamp Series

W. C. "Bill" Porter
The Olathe Poste

Greetings from California - the first artistamp in this series by The Olathe Poste.In the year 2002, the United States Postal Service issued a sheet of 50 stamps, one for each state in America with a message of "Greetings from" and the State name. This issuance was delayed because of an advertising snafu. But when the stamps finally were released to the public, you were forced to buy an entire sheet of 50 US Postage stamps in order to obtain just one that was of interest to you.

Several mailart friends, Bev Dittberner being the first, asked me to save any "Greetings from California" stamps for her, and she in turn would save her "Greetings from Colorado" postage stamps for me.

Luckily, I'd just returned from a trip to southern California. While I was there, I only had enough spare time to take two photographs. One of which was a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean, complete with surfer walking down the beach.

Having this photograph, along with hundreds of scenic shots in my archives, it was simple to decide that I could issue my own set of "greetings from" state stamps and at the same time, help out my fellow artistamp makers.

There are currently only nine stamps in this series -- so far. Why? Because although I've lived in several of the western states and visited all of them, these were the photographs I thought were best suited for the project. The stamp sheets are printed on dry-gummed papers, by four color digital process and pin-hole perforated.

As time goes on, should I get to capture a few more suitable photographs to add a stamp or two to the series, I will. But until then, I hope you enjoy these. And of course, since I use these stamps quite often to decorate outbound mail with, perhaps you'll receive one of these personalized greetings stamps in your mailbox.


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