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The International Local Post
For those who do not already know, a local post is a mail service that typically operates only within a limited geographic area or a single, specific transportation route.   Such as within the boundaries of a large city, similar to a specialized courier service, handling intra-city deliveries of mail or delivering mail to a national postal authority for entry into the normal mail stream.

Historically, some local posts throughout the world have been operated by government entities, while others known as private local posts have been operated by for-profit companies or organizations. Today, many stamp collectors operate what is known as hobbyist's local posts, issuing their own local post "stamps" (or labels) for fun and the amusement of friends and other collectors but rarely to carry any mail.

One of the most famous private local posts operated transcontinentally, was the Pony Express. Since many local posts throughout history existed or operated for short periods of time, little may be known about them and their operations and in some cases, the stamps are very rare and valuable. Philatelically, local posts can be a great challenge for the collector.

Technically, the International Local Post should be considered to fall into the hobbyist category. Although it is structured just like a modern, sophisticated postal authority that might be found anywhere in the world.

  • Headquarters - that's us. We provide you with guidance and specific tools (including local post stamps, postmarks, etc.) to use in operating your own International Local Post station.
  • Authorized International Local Post Stations - An ILP authorized station should be considered just like your own, local post office that prepares, collects or distributes it's own mail, interfacing with your local postal authority for subsequent mail entering the worldwide mailstream.
  • Authorized Personnel - An ILP station is comprised of a Station Master and one or more Station Agents. A station master is the adult in charge -- the mentor or leader. A station agent is a child under the age of 18.

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  One Station Master said...

  • "We already sent out our first postcard. This is really helping my seven year-old with his hand writing and he really likes this a lot!"   ~ DH, Bartlett, IL


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