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Operational Overview
Aside from a few basic guidelines and suggestions, operation of an Intl. Local Post station is simple. The Station Master and the Station Agent(s) interact with each other, establish their own goals, and learn from each other.

Since this is all for fun, the children should be encouraged to use their imaginations:

  • Establish routes to/from their homes (or other facilities) to bonafide mailboxes.
  • Set up imaginary rates, fees, currencies to operate under, etc.

Most importantly children should be encouraged to "process" the station's mail. This can be in any number of ways:

  • Apply postage stamps and Intl. Local Post stamps to outbound mail. This can include determining correct amounts of postage required, too.
  • To postmark (cancel) their own ILP stamps or to apply other ILP postal markings to mail pieces using rubber stamps created especially for these purposes (and provided as part of the station start-up kit).
  • Prepare their own mailings - by writing letters or notes on post cards to other station agents, family or friends - and adding any decorations, etc. This may include reading mail sent from other ILP stations and replying, as well.
  • Collecting and delivering station mail to/from mailboxes or the local post office.
  • To keep or to assist the Station Master in keeping certain (very simple) records for the station, making additions to their (Station Agent) record book (also provided in a station's start-up kit), and determining what stamps or envelopes they might want to keep (starting a simple collection based on the child's personal likes and dislikes).

As far as Headquarters is concerned, our primary "rules" for every International Local Post Station are:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it FUN!!!

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