Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

Instant Scrapbooking Fun from The Olathe Poste

Postal Accents™ for Scrapbookers...

Scrapbooking fun with artistamps and a wide variety of postal accents

Scrapbooking projects have just taken on a new dimension of fun and creativity! Add genuine artistamps, faux postage stamps, even real postage stamps to your scrapbook pages.

Postal Accents™ from The Olathe Poste are bright, colorful stamps that are great for embellishing any paper project! Not only can you accent the items on your scrapbook pages with Postal Accents™ - but you can use them to decorate greeting cards, collages, envelopes, mail art and more. 

All the stamps that are included in each package of Postal Accents™ for scrapbooking are collectible too! You could just find yourself starting a new hobby - stamp collecting...

But one of the best features of all is this: our Postal Accents™ help you to generate new ideas for your creative scrapbooking projects!   And they can give new sparkle to photo albums too.

Wonderous Variety In Every Package

It won't take you long after you open a package of Postal Accents™ to learn why we say that our stamps are instant scrapbooking fun. You will find colorful and interesting stamps from far away places, or maybe even from your own "backyard."

Fun For All Ages: Stamps are a great way to share family fun learning about places, things, or history with children as well. This is why we take great care in making sure that every package of Postal Accents™ includes stamps with a wide range of topics.

Postal Accents™ decorative artistamps for scrapbooking are in mint condition (NH), with moisture activated dry-gum adhesives. Used stamps can easily be affixed to your paper projects with glue sticks.


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