Greetings from The Olathe Poste!

Straight-Line, Pin-hole Perforating Services


The Olathe Poste operates a 1916 vintage, heavy-duty, motorized (220V AC 3-phase) Rosback straight-line, pin-hole perforator.

1916 HD Motorized Pinhole Rosback Perforator

  • Maximum dimension of paper & perforation lines is 22 inches (558.8mm).

  • Perforation Spec: 12-67 US Standard Gauge (hole dia. 0.0415" OD, spacing between holes: 0.067"


Because of the age of our perforating equipment, there are a few things to bear in mind when designing your stamp sheets...

  • Alignment of perforation (pattern) lines are more of a visual function, reliant on the perforator operator, than that of a mechanical function.
  • 1/8" MARGINS BETWEEN ROWS & COLUMNS of stamp images on the sheet produce the best, most authentic looking stamps.
  • All margins should be sized the same.
  • All stamp images on a sheet should be sized identically.
  • Bulls-eye perforation patterns cannot be accomodated.
  • Stop-Short perforation patterns CAN be accomodated in most cases.
  • We DO NOT perforate self-adhesive papers. FIND SELF-ADHESIVE SOLUTIONS HERE

Turnaround times: on average, 2-3 reams of stamp sheets can be pinhole perforated per day (standard sizes & patterns). For small stamp sizes or special patterns, please allow for additional production time to complete your order.


Current pricing for standard, straight-line pinhole perforating of your stamp sheets (nominal stamp image size [25.4mm x 38.1mm] 1" x 1.5" - portrait or landscaped orientation) on 8.5" x 11" (or A4) papers in standard weights: Please Call.

Multiple Perforation Lines - Sheets with wide margins between stamps requiring double perforation lines between each row and/or column of stamps: $1.00 per sheet, minimum.

CUSTOMIZED: Stamp sheets which are 1) oversized/undersized, 2) abnormal paper type/weight, 3) that include stamp images less than 1" (25.4mm) in the longest dimension, or 4) requiring specialized and/or multiple perforation line patterns, or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary, are subject to additional set-up and labor charges. Please Call For A Quotation!

No Job Is Too Small - send your stamp sheets to us to be perforated.


For Ordering & Customer Service Call 877-373-1212 Toll-free in the US & Canada

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